Release Notes


  • Minor fix to check status of downloads once per minute rather than once per second.


  • Very minor fix to display instrument scientists in meta tabs.


  • Very minor fix to work with strict mode in older browsers.


  • Very minor fix to make the anonymous plugin work.


  • Now supports file uploads
  • The javascript API now has some documentation
  • There has been an increase in plugability
  • The page functionality has been removed from lang.json and the facility specific images have been remove from the core product. Instead there is a special directory within the release directory called ‘content’, which after running ./setup install will add any of these files in this directory to the application. As well as adding html pages you can add any media you like. For instance you can use this mechanism to override the favicon.
  • You can now add custom html to the sign in page. E.g. this could be used for adding a ‘Forgot password’ or ‘Register’ links.
  • The ability to cancel or restore a download within the admin interface.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Limits can now be set for cart:
    • a maximum number of files
    • a maximum rotal file size
  • Properly chunk GET requests
  • If a user doesn’t have a fullName in Icat the username will be used instead.
  • Removed getStatus from Cart - you will need to remove your cart’s status field from Topcat.json
  • The prepareData and getStatus calls are now as background thread on the server, so speeding up the user’s cart submission time.
  • Topcat now performs a much more performant getSize request (for investigations and datasets), which gets cached server side. Please note there is now a new “maxCacheSize” field in which needs adding in.
  • When a user adds an item to a cart the corresonding getSize call will made to warm the cache up.
  • Client side getStatus calls has been removed from the Download (cart) dialog. This was used to determine if an email field needs to be show or not. Now, if the IDS is two tier this email field will always be shown.
  • As well as the asynchronously loaded ‘size’ grid field, there now two more new asynchronous fields (which are much more effient alternatives to ‘size’):
    • fileCount fields can now be added to investigation or dataset grids
    • datasetCount fields can now be added to investigation grids
  • A ‘size’ field now be added to the metatabs. However, in order to display this field you have to explicitly click a button.
  • There are database migrations that need applying


  • Topcat is now plugable - this is yet to be documented.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Performance improvements - most notabley low priority requests such as getSize have been throttled back to give way to high priority requests.
  • lang.json - CART_ITEM.COLUMN and CART_ITEM.STATUS now sits under CART.COLUMN and CART.STATUS.
  • Smartclient is now supported.
  • There are database migrations which need to be applied.


  • Bug fixes.
  • Improved documentation.
  • The topcat.json (Please refer to the installation docs for more details)
    • “topcatApiPath” -> “topcatUrl” (for “site”)
    • “facilities” attribute is now an array of facility objects rather that an index of facility objects.
    • “url” -> “idsUrl” (for “facilities” > [facility] > authenticationTypes > [authenticationType])
    • Now gets validated making it less prone to erroneous configuration.
    • “jpqlExpression” attribute (for “facilities” > [facility] > “browse” > [entity type] > “gridOptions” > “columnDefs” > [columnDef]) no longer exists; instead it has been replaced by “jpqlFilter” and “jpqlSort”.
  • Now shows real name (if available) by logout button


  • Complete rewrite.
    • Now uses Angular (instead of GWT) with a RESTful EJB web API.


  • Fixed download issue using browse all tree view (This issue is specific to the ISIS facility. If you are already using version 1.13.0, it is not necessary to upgrade).


  • Add support for ICAT 4.5.0
  • Removed free text search
  • Enabled “Check Selected Size” button
  • Use ids.client 1.2.0


  • Added External redirect Authentication type
  • Changed url separator token from & to ;
  • Last used icat server and authentication type now saved to a cookie
  • Added ability for users to create datasets
  • Added ability for users to upload a datafile
  • Removed support for ICAT servers below 4.2
  • Changed persistence.xml to enable logging to be configured at container level
  • Added new configuration options to to change the url path of topcat and topcatadmin
  • Fixed deployment issue when topcat is behind a reverse proxy example apache configuration.
  • Removed the 200 investigation limit on the Browse All data tree
  • Resolved issue where large number of datafiles download requests would exceed the max url length limit
  • Added support for archived storage with IDS 1.2.0
  • Added various download buttons and context menu items. A single datafile downloaded using the context menu will be uncompressed.
  • Downloads are no longer split
  • Added ability to delete downloads in “My Downloads”
  • Bug fixes
  • schema changes


  • Harmonized installation
  • Uses Maven release mechanism
  • Added support for ICAT 4.3
  • Added support in TopCatAdmin to add an announcement message to the Topcat page header
  • Added free text search (support icat 4.3 only)
  • Display the full facility name on search results and investigation details
  • No download filename prompt if single file selected for download
  • Date/time download filename suggested if more than one download file is selected
  • Updated gwt to 2.5.1
  • Updated gxt to 2.3.1
  • Removed MESSAGE property in as it is no longer used
  • Bug fixes
  • schema changes:
    • Add the column DOWNLOAD_TYPE to the table TOPCAT_ICAT_SERVER


Changes to the WS interface


  • Bug fixes.

  • Added admin console

  • Added support for the ICAT Data Service
  • Added support for ICAT version no v42, this points to the existing ICATInterfacev420

  • Added MESSAGE to, the message gets displayed by topcat

  • Added verbose option to the setup script, -v, -vv and -vvv
  • Properties file renamed from glassfish.props to
  • schema changes:

    • Add the column DOWNLOAD_SERVICE_URL to the table TOPCAT_ICAT_SERVER
    • Add the column PREPARED_ID to the table TOPCAT_USER_DOWNLOAD
    • Add the column DISPLAY_NAME to the table ICAT_AUTHENTICATION


This is a bug fix release for sites still running ICAT 3.4.

  • Parameter searching has temporarily been disabled


  • Added range searches to the parameter search
  • Added table ICAT_AUTHENTICATION. Now when logging in to an ICAT if there is more than one type of authentication available the user will be presented with a drop down list of types. NB there is still stuff hard coded for CAS and entries for AUTHENTICATION_SERVICE_URL and AUTHENTICATION_TYPE in the table TOPCAT_ICAT_SERVER. These will be removed in a future release.