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IDS Restful API


Most operations require a sessionId from making a login call to ICAT. The sessionId is then used to check that the operation on the data is permitted by following the general rule that if you are allowed that access to the metadata then you are allowed the same access to the data.

Error handling

In the case of an error the returned json will be of the form: {"code":"NotFoundException", "message":"One of the data files requested has been deleted"}. Clients should always check the status code and if status/100 is not 2 then an error has occurred.


The @GET calls can be tried on a web browser and curl can be used to make any of the calls. For example a url of the form: https://example.com:443/ids/getApiVersion will return some text such as 1.5.0

  • Deprecated.


    {{baseUrl.value || ' '}}
       {{role}}{{$last ? '' : ', '}}


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    Response Headers

    Status codes

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