Remove dependency upon icat.client


Added new calls to support archive storage by datafile rather than dataset.

  • New calls delete(DsInfo dsinfo) on ArchiveStorageInterface
  • Added createId and modId arguments to delete(String location) in MainStorageInterface
  • 1.2.0

    Three more operations required by the MainStorageInterface. Also a new MainStorageReadOnly class is provided.

    • getUsedSpace has been added
    • getInvestigations has been added
    • getDatasets has been added
    • MainStorageReadOnly class provided with dummy implementations of those operations not needed when the readOnly flag has been set in the ids.properties file
    • The get method for the ArchiveStorageInterface now writes to a file rather than returning a stream.


    ZipMapperInterface provided and extra dataset information available via the DsInfo interface

    • DsInfo now provides Dataset.location
    • DfInfo now has getCreateId() and getModId() rather than getCreator()
    • A ZipMapperInterface has been added
    • The get call of the MainStorageInterface now has the signature: "String location, String createId, String modId" so that you can access both the modId and the createId.


    Initial public release.