Release notes


New IcatSecurity class and bug fix

  • Make it work with Python 2.6 again
  • Add IcatSecurity class to do digest calculation for ICAT and IDS


Permit more control of eclipselink and change return value from ContainerGetter.getContainer()

  • deploy() operation in setup_utils supports optional target and logging parameters.
  • Enums returned from ContainerGetter.getContainer() are Glassfish or JBoss to match values of Eclipse Link TargetServer


Removed ICATGetter as it produced an unpleasant dependency upon the ICAT client


  • Added ContainerGetter to find what type of container is being used
  • New call in getString to allow a default value to be provided


Bug fixes release and additions to setup_utils

  • Remove any trailing white space from String returned by getString().
  • CheckedProperties no longer extends java.util.Properties but just uses it as implementation so some methods are no longer present.
  • Add jms resource handling to setup_utils
  • Added ICATGetter class