This is a bug fix release. If you already have 4.2.0 installed, then simply remove the old ear file and deploy the new one.

  • Authorization rules without explicit relationships to groups (of the form "Investigation <-> InvestigationUser <-> User [name = :user]") now work properly.
  • It is now possible to use boolean values in queries. Attributes can be compared against literal values of TRUE and FALSE (not case sensitive) as in "ParameterType [enforced = TRUE]"
  • Null pointer exceptions were being throw with some authorization rules when using an Oracle database. This has now been fixed.


This introduces a clean mechanism for handling authentication plugins and provides significant speed enhancements.

  • ICAT now contains no authentication plugins but it does provide an Authenticator interface for plugin writers. If you plan to use the new authn_db database authentication plugin you will need to manually move data from the old table to the new passwd table.
  • The login call now accepts two parameters, the mnemonic for the authentication plugin and a map of credentials. This change necessitated the increase in the version number to 4.2.
  • There was a serious performance bug in release 4.1 and to a lesser extent in 4.0. In both case this affected read operations - search and get. This bug in the marshalling of the XML has now been addressed.
  • Previously JMS messages had the property "query" set to the primary key and the actual query value was not available. They are now assigned correctly to the properties "query" and "entityId".
  • You will need an up-to-date version of JAX-WS such as the one packaged with Glassfish 3.1.2
  • The main database schema is almost unchanged. The only difference is that some text fields have been made larger.
  • A bug has been fixed in the handling of enum types in expressions.


This is a bug fix release.

  • Aggregate functions (MIN, MAX, AVG, COUNT etc) no longer generate an internal exception.
  • Minor improvements to the installation documentation.


This is the first release of ICAT4 which is meant to be approaching production quality.

  • More changes to the API - too numerous to list here providing
    • support for pluggable authn,
    • support for rule based authz,
    • support for notifications and
    • a powerful search mechanism
  • Database independent
  • More regular schema with simple provenance mechanism


Technology preview release - not for production use

  • Many changes to the API


  • Changed the JPA provider from TopLink to EclipseLink
  • Removed Dataportal from the installation


Public release