ICAT Client Release Notes


Support for ICAT server 5

A python client is no longer included. python-icat should be used.


Re-release to fix problems with permissions and encoding in 4.11.0


Support 4.11.0 server and Python 3 compatibility

  • Build SOAP library from WSDL of 4.11.0 server which adds the FieldSet object
  • Make python files python 3 compatible and update icat.utils to 4.16.1


Fix bug in character encoding

  • The toString(HttpEntity entity) method falls back to the ISO-8859-1 character encoding by default which causes issues with non-ASCII characters. This fix replaces the calls of this method with the extended toString method which uses the system's default encoding instead.


Support 4.10.0 server

  • There are no changes to the API in ICAT Server 4.10.0. This release simply allows the ICAT version check to succeed.


Support calls of 4.9.0 server

  • Build SOAP library from WSDL of 4.9.0 server
  • Add waitMillis call for testing


Improvements to the Rest API

  • Provide Rest API calls in Python
  • Add the cloneEntity call to the Rest API in both Python and Java
  • Added getVersion() to the Java Rest API and deprecated getApiVersion which does the same but has a more sensible name.


Added isloggedIn call etc.

  • Added isLoggedIn call to determine whether or not someone is logged in. It returns true if the user has one or more sessions.
  • Moved to version 5.3.0 of lucene
  • Removed description of old searchText() call.


Improvements to the RESTful interface.

  • Add getSession call for when you know the sessionId.
  • Only the one package: org.icatproject is produced and not one of the form org.icatproject_x_y_z.
  • Add new lucene calls to replace those removed in 4.5.0
  • Make it build against a WildFly server as well as Glassfish.
  • Delete call added.
  • Write call added which replaces create and also provides update functionality.
  • Provide protection against generating too large URLs.


Fix typo and remove all Lucene calls.

  • All Lucene calls have been removed. The are planned to return in release 4.6.0 but with new calls targeting TopCAT needs.


This adds an experimental RESTful interface.

  • An experimental RESTful interface has been added to provide import and export facilities as well as more experimental calls.
  • Some errors have been fixed in the documentation.


This is a bug fix release.

  • The user documentation has been improved.
  • The .jar file is much smaller having removed a lot of material that should not have been there.